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Anonymous asked:

How do you deal with your disorder? I'm so scared to tell people. I don't want to be locked away in straightjackets and quiet rooms again. But i can't keep pretending I don't have these visions or hear these voices.

I HAVE PaRaNoId ShIzOpHrEnIa Answer:

I have this feeling. You need to be honest. If that means you go back to the hospital the n you do, You need all the help you can get so you dont hurts yourself 

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Admitting room

I remember sitting there in the admitting room thinking that I would be put on a  1:1 .. Hoping that I won’t get restrained this time.. But who was I kidding of course I will be. Dissociating and hurting myself. Waking up on the floor with staff holding me down, at least at this hospital Im  not given a shot in the thigh to make me fall asleep, or worse I wasn’t put in the strait jacket in the “quite room” staying there as long as they want me to .. As long as I was crying they didn’t care. Yes I know how it feels to be put in a strait jacket. It’s the most scariest thing ever.. Because one minute your okay then the next memory is of me being restrained..  Back to the admitting room.. I think , How will they restrain me this time.. Tie me to bed? Put me on a board? Spit mask? Strait jacket? Rap?…. Screaming “call a code green” …. When I wake up from that  I hear “Oh its just Lindsey again”..Tears fill up.. Im not an animal.. Im a schizophrenic girl who is lost in her own mind…

schizophrenia schizophrenic voices sleep tired restrained

I cringe everytime I put food in my mouth… ):

Anonymous asked:

how do youget acut to stop bleeding, im reallyscared??

I HAVE PaRaNoId ShIzOpHrEnIa Answer:

GO tell an adult.. Or call 911 .. Aply pressure untill you get help