Why hello nerds! Im Lindsey. Im 17 years old. I have Paranoid Schizophrenia and I self harm. I love helping people as much as i possibly can. I have a beautiful girlfriend name Mariah.♥ If you wanna hear more about my life message me IM learning ASL ( Sign language ) IM going deaf or kik me
  • New hearing adis

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  • I wanna cut so bad.. but my moms going on vacation and i dont want to tell her it will ruin her vaca.. )” 

  • VoIcEs

    I hate midnight she keeps clawing me and i feel and see it. Anyone else have this kind of thing? 

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  • I know the feeling ):

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  • Ya Leah what's her tumblr

    No idea

    • One of my patients was so sad the other day this is what what it was said( I cant mention her name due to privacy laws)
    • D : "I cant talk to you today"
    • me: " Well D, why cant we talk today, we can go for a walk, or maybe I could just watch tv with you so your not alone."
    • D: "Oh Lindsey as much as Id love that, im just flustered."
    • Me: " Do you wanna talk about it?"
    • D: " Its 9/11 you know "
    • Me: Im sorry, I do know that ,
    • D: *tear drops from her cheek*
    • Me: * hug her* "Ill come back Tuesday if you'd like!"
    • D: "Id love that sweetie."
    • Me: "Its a deal!, have a good day D."
  • what was ur ex girlfriends name on tumblr her name was lia I think


  • I thank God that I got Schizophrenia .. I could have alot worse!♥